6 Reasons You Need A Sales Funnel

6 Reasons You Need A Sales Funnel

With the push to bring your business online, many owners ask, is a website enough, or do you need a sales funnel?

Businesses need a sales funnel to market online effectively.  This sale focused on a series of web pages that help attract potential customers and provide a large increase in customers’ lifetime value.  Also, allowing a business to make sales 24 hours a day with an automated sales funnel.

This article will show you 6 advantages of implementing a sales funnel in your business.

What is a Sales Funnel?

Before we can dig into the benefits, we need to understand what a sales funnel is first.

An online sales funnel a series of web pages that help qualify potential customers while weeding out those that are not interested in your products.  The single focus of this sales funnel is on a product or service by proposing potential upsells that the customer may also be interested in.

This definition alone allows you to start seeing the benefit of having an efficient funnel.

1. Open 24/7

One of the biggest benefits of having an online presence is being available 24/7 without having people available.  Sales funnels help this cause by having a dedicated sales pitch and process available at all times.

This means you can literally be making sales while you sleep, are on vacation, or focusing on other critical tasks within your business!

2. Reduce Sales Staff

One of the roughest parts of a successful business is finding qualified sales staff to sell your products or services.  A good sales can help reduce this need, and in some cases, it has eliminated the need for a sales staff.

Lower staffing costs

So the obvious benefit of this is reducing your sales staff’s cost, plus the training cost that goes along with it.

Qualify potential customers

One of the key roles of your sales staff is to qualify the right customers for your organization.  You don’t want to waste your time on people that have no interest in buying.

A sales funnel can help you with this process and make it much more efficient.  Imagine if your first call to a potential customer for high-end items is already warm or hot traffic.  Your ROI will increase, and the sales staff will be much more efficient!

3. Automated Destination for All Traffic

The typical business sends all of their organic and paid traffic to a website in hopes that they find the contact button and reach out to you for more information.

What if you had a dedicated sales page with only one focus, to sell your product or service.  If you sent all your traffic to this one sales funnel, it would make the visitor’s life so much easier.  They can learn about your service, buy or set up an appointment, and be on their way with minimal distractions.

4. Additional Opportunities

As you know, most people don’t buy on the first contact/pitch.  Some will, and a good sales funnel with help you increase the conversion rate.  But reality is that most will walk away without buying on the first visit.

Sales funnels, combined with email marketing and retargeting, give the customer a familiar landing spot when they revisit the product or service.  So the chance of making a sale the second time around is increased.

5. Build Trust

If you are a new or small business, building trust with your potential customer base is critical.  The better and sooner you do this, the better chance you will have to succeed.

One of the biggest ways to lose a customer is passing on confusing information or just not being clear about your results and what you offer.

Sales funnels allow you to be very clear about your message and what you offer.  Since it has a singular focus (selling your product or service), it allows you to pass on a clear message to your potential customers.

6. Boost Lifetime Value

If you sell a product on Amazon or a normal eCommerce site, the customer buys your product and moves on.

With a sales funnel, you have the perfect opportunity to move the customer directly into a related upsell or down-sell.  You can also make a bump offer during the check out process.  These features of a sales funnel boosts your customer overall lifetime value.

In many cases, this upsell process can be the difference between having a profitable year or going out of business.

Conclusion – Do You Need A Sales Funnel?

Absolutely, without a doubt, if you want to compete in the current digital market, you need a sales funnel for your business.

If you have a good sales funnel and your competition doesn’t, you will have a clear competitive advantage over them.  You will be able to run 24/7, reduce your staffing cost and increase the amount of money that you can earn from each customer.

Having said that, you must have a good/effective sales funnel to see all of the benefits mentioned in this article.  To do that, you will need to either learn the full process or hire an experienced agency to help you build this funnel.

We would be happy to help you out with this sales funnel process since we have many years of experience and millions of dollars in testing.  So we know what works and what doesn’t.  Feel free to set up a free strategy session, and we can design a solution that works best for you!


Warrior Lion Media is a premium funnel building and email marketing service for health and fitness professionals. We are helping health and fitness professionals build, grow and monetize their brands through online sales funnels.

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