7 Tips For Creating The Perfect Fitness Opt-In Page

7 Tips For Creating The Perfect Fitness Opt-In Page

Whether you are looking to monetize your following through email marketing or just looking to add another stream of income, the first step is to create an “Opt-In” Page, also known as a lead page.

This page is that your audience lands on and trades their email address for your free guide, fitness challenge, or workout routine.

Once you have their email address, you can provide value, build trust and sell your product and affiliate product.

But how do you make a successful opt-in page?

Here are my top 7 tips for creating an effective Opt-In Page for Fitness Influencers!

Offer Something Your Audience Wants

As part of your opt-in page, you must provide a “freebie” that provides a huge amount of value!  I can’t stress this enough, over provide value!

This freebie is called a “Lead Magnet” and will be the reason why people opt into your email list.

Gone are the days where people will join an email list just because you ask them too.  Think about it; you are already providing all your free fitness tips on Social media. Why would they opt into your email list to get the same tips?

You need to offer them something of value that they can’t get anywhere else!

Here are some examples for Fitness Influencers:

  • 7 Day Workout Challenge
  • A shortened plan that focuses just on one area (Booty, Six-pack, Bigger Arms)
  • Guide on the How to get the best results from Protein or Creatine
  • A Video on the top 10 mistakes for beginners

Again, these are just examples, but you should make something unique and introduce to the program you offer.

If your main program or coaching is focused on losing weight, you shouldn’t create a lead magnet on the best weight gaining powers.

Keep an eye out. I’ll create a detailed guide on how to create the best fitness lead magnet!

Grab Their Attention

Ensure the wording you use on your opt-in page grabs the readers attention but isn’t to be gimmicky.

Here are some Headline Examples:

DON’T – Do you want a Free challenge of arm exercises?

DO – Do You Want To Say Goodbye To Flabby Arms Problems For Good?

DON’T – This workout will help you build muscle…

DO – Don’t Even Think About Going To The Gym Without Discovering The Secrets This Revolutionary Guide Reveals!

DON’T – Promise a six-pack in 30 Days!

It’s ok to grab someone’s attention, but it’s not ok to make guarantees or promises that are impossible.

Pick a Good Color Palette

Ensure that you pick a color scheme that is easy on the eyes, has a bold component, and fits your personality.

If you’re offering a hardcore powerlifting lead magnet, you will want to avoid the pink and purple color scheme.  Unless that matches your personality and the customer that you are trying to reach, in that case, go for it!

There are many great websites out there that will help you find color schemes that look great and go well together.  Here is one that I have used recently, and it has a good selection of eye-pleasing combinations!

Simple is Better

When it comes to an opt-in page for the fitness industry, simple is better.  Save the long descriptions, testimonials, detailed surveys, and photo gallery for the sales page.

The opt-in page for a free lead magnet should be simple and only include 3 to 4 sections.

  1. Header – This should include your logo and only your logo. This will help build trust. If they are following you, they should know your logo.  They are more likely to opt-in if they are familiar with who is offering this.
  2. Opt-In Headline and Form – Most of your effort will go here.
  3. Short Description (Optional) – Some lead magnets require a quick description of what is included and how it will benefit your audience. I only put this here because, in some situations, it helps, but not a lot in the fitness industry.
  4. Footer – This is only important from a technical and compliance perspective. You should always include a link at the bottom to your Terms and Conditions and Your Privacy page.  Certain states/countries also require other items, so check your local regulations.

Anything beyond this is excessive for an opt-in page, at least your first attempt at an opt-in page.

Please note, you should pay attention to the feedback you receive if you have many people asking you the same question before they opt-in.  Then, you should include the details of that answer in the third section.

Include A Call To Action

There are so many opt-in pages or websites out there trying to sell something, but they don’t actually ask the buyer to buy the product.

What is the point of hyping up your lead magnet or product if you don’t ask them to center their email and click the button?  This is called a “Call to Action.”

It can be as simple as “Enter your email, and we will send it right over.”

Sounds simple right?

But it is often missed, and the reason people aren’t having success.

Don’t Ask For Too Much

On an opt-in page, all you really need is their email address.  That’s it!

You don’t need their phone number, address, firstborn son….  If you ask for all of that, your rate of success will drop drastically.

Start by only asking for their email address.  You can test asking for their FIRST NAME, but that’s it.

The name of the game is to get their email address, so you can build a relationship and provide value.  You can get that information later in your sales page.

You Need Too Test

So many people assume their first version of the opt-in page is going to be a winner.  This is not the approach that you want to take because you’ll be wrong.

Think about when you first thought about becoming a fitness professional….    Were you able to create the perfect fitness plan for a client?

The answer is no. You needed to test different plans, types of workouts, sequences of those workout routines, then you made tweaks.  You did more research…  Tested and ended up doing more tweaks to the routine…

In the end, you came up with the perfect formula to design a fitness routine for your client.  Opt-in pages need to follow the same approach.

There are some funnels that I’ve created years ago and am still tweaking and testing today. So come into this process, expecting to make adjustments and continue to test.

Fitness Landing Page Template

Here is an example of a simple landing page for fitness professionals and a walkthrough on how we created it!

Download the sample Fitness Landing Page template: http://warriorlionlink.com/yogalandingpage

In Summary

Making a successful funnel isn’t as simple as putting a form onto a page, but if you follow the tips that I laid out, it’ll help make the process easier for you.

The best thing for you to do is to get something out there, walk through these steps and publish your opt-in funnel.

Once it’s up and you have a solid baseline.  Tweak it and continue testing until it’s the perfect funnel for your audience.

If this sounds like too much work for you and you would prefer to focus on your fitness career, let us know, and we will be happy to help!  We provide a full-service plan that will help you create the perfect online sales funnel for you. This way, you can focus on your message, and we can focus on help you monetize that message!


Warrior Lion Media is a premium funnel building and email marketing service for health and fitness professionals. We are helping health and fitness professionals build, grow and monetize their brands through online sales funnels.

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