Clickfunnels Review 2020 – Is It The Best Option?

Clickfunnels review

If you are looking to create an online sales funnel, landing page, or marketing in general, one of the most popular options you’ll see is Clickfunnels.  What is Clickfunnels used for, and is it worth it?

Clickfunnels is a sales funnel and website builder created by Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson in 2014.  In addition to the funnel builder focus of Cluckfunnel, this platform also offers email marketing, affiliate management, and a huge selection of training programs.

But does it have everything your business needs to market online?  Let’s dive a little deeper to find out.

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is the category king for funnel building solutions.  Russell Brunson leads the Clickfunnels team and is one of the best marketing minds of our generation.  He is literally obsessed with funnels, and it shows with the Clickfunnels features and his training programs.

This solution offers three marketing suites; a funnel builder, email autoresponder, and affiliate management systems.  In addition to those three suites, a streaming service full of great training programs is included with the membership.

Click Funnels (Funnel Builder)

This is the solution that most people think of when you mention Clickfunnels.  It’s easy to use and learn funnel building solution.  It allows you to build simple landing pages through complex sales and webinar funnels.

Some of the features include:

  • Huge selection of funnel templates
  • Integration with major payment providers, autoresponders, and other popular applications
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Automatic SSL Certs

Actionetics (Email Autoresponder)

Actionetics is a built-in email autoresponder that works seamlessly with Click funnels.  It includes a powerful email editor, autoresponder/broadcast capabilities, and detailed analytics (Action Scores).  The Smart Lists feature integrates into your funnels to automatically segment users between lists based on their actions.

The one downfall with the Actionetics solution is that you need to connect a third-party SMS service like SendGrid to send out your emails.  But this is typical with services like this within funnel building solutions.

Backpack (Affiliate Management)

One of the best traffic sources in marketing are affiliates.  So Russell and the team wanted to include this traffic option in their solution.

This is their affiliate management system that is directly integrated into any funnel you create within Click Funnels.

FunnelFlix (Streaming Channel)

As a self-proclaimed funnel geek myself, I love training from experts.  This is why I think FunnelFlix is one of the best features that Clickfunnels includes.  Depending on your membership level, you will have access to all of the training programs you will ever need to be successful online.

FunnelFlix includes trainings in all of these areas, plus more:

  • Funnel Building
  • Offer Creation
  • Traffic
  • Mindset
  • Business Strategy
  • And More!

What is Clickfunnels used for?

Clickfunnels is used by influencers, small businesses, and even some huge businesses to create landing pages and online sales funnels.  It is not a website solution.

Not sure of the difference? Check out our article on the difference between landing pages and websites.

Clickfunnels Pricing

Clickfunnels offers a FREE 14-Day trial, which is pretty typical in the funnel builder market.  Plenty of time to let you test it out.

Once you’re trial ends, you have two plan options, Standard and Platinum.

Here is the breakdown:


  • Price – $97 Per Month ($80 when paying Annually)
  • Funnels – 20
  • Pages – 100
  • Visitors – 20,000
  • Custom Domains – 3
  • Admins – 1
  • Click Funnels – Yes
  • Actionetics – No
  • Backpack – No
  • FunnelFlix – Limited


  • Price – $297 Per Month ($247 when paying Annually)
  • Funnels – Unlimited
  • Pages – Unlimited
  • Visitors – Unlimited
  • Custom Domains – 10
  • Admins – 3
  • Click Funnels – Yes
  • Actionetics – Yes
  • Backpack – Yes
  • FunnelFlix – Most Trainings

In addition to the two plans mentioned above, they will occasionally offer several other plans:

  • Two Comma Club X – This is their premium program that is offered only a few times a year. It includes unlimited limits to everything, access to all of the trainings, and the Two Comma Club tracking program.  This plan is pricy ($2,500 per month), but if you are committed, it’s worth every penny to access the coaches and Russell himself.
  • Other Specials – Programs like the 10X package and the One Funnel Away Challenge offer multiple months, plus a list of bonuses at a discount.

How Does Clickfunnels Compare to Other Funnel Providers?

Overall, Clickfunnels is considered the king of funnel builders, which is justified!

Having said that, there are a few areas that Clickfunnels could improve to get a stronger grip on that “Category King” status.

  1. Loading Speed – In my experience, this is the biggest area when Clickfunnel’s struggles. Compared to other funnel builders, it is slow.  If you only use Clickfunnels, then you may not see it.  But when you compare it to Fast Funnels, there is a noticeable difference between the two.
  2. Price – Some consider the price of Clickfunnels to be an obstacle, but I would disagree with this one. Clickfunnel’s ideal customer is the committed business owner, whether they are a small or larger business owner.  So I think they are priced just right.
  3. Editor – This is a small one, but they made their editor just a little easier to use and more customizable.  This would make it a little easier to use for the beginner.  Instapage’s drag and drop editor would be a good model for them to look at.

Other than these items, Clickfunnels is as good or better than their competition.

Clickfunnels FAQ

Here are a few questions that we get when asked about Clickfunnels.

Is it really a free trial?

Yes! Clickfunnels offers a 14-day free trial.

What if I want to cancel?

No problem, you can reach out to them and cancel at any time—no contracts to worry about.

Do you charge me any hidden fees?

NOPE! Never.

Can I use my own domain?

Yes, you have the option of their free subdomain, or you can use a custom domain that is your company.  Both are very easy to setup.  They also offer free SSL certs for the custom domains.

Do I need a separate hosting account?

No. everything will be hosted on the Clickfunnels servers.

Does Clickfunnels Have An Affiliate Program??

Yes, Like every other SAAS company out there, Clickfunnels has an affiliate program associated with their software.  Approved affiliates earn up to 40% recurring commission on any plans they refer to.

In addition to membership commissions, Clickfunnels also allows affiliates to earn commissions on their books, training programs, and live events.

Overall, this is the best affiliate program that we have reviewed.

Summary – Is Clickfunnels Worth It?

Yes, absolutely!  We use Clickfunnels for all of our clients’ funnels except for one funnel that needs a faster load time.

No solution is perfect in all aspects, but Clickfunnels is close!  The funnel editor is better than most alternatives, but the extras are what makes Clickfunnels the best.

Outside of the SAAS (software as a solution) features, Clickfunnels offers something that we haven’t found in any other solution.  A huge community of like-minded funnel builders and more in-depth training that will help you become successful!

So if you want to give them a try, check out their 14-day free trial!

If you would rather focus on your business and leave that funnel building to the experts, we are here for you!  Schedule a strategy session with us, and we can’t help you monetize and build your business!


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