Fast Funnels Review 2020: Better Than ClickFunnels?

What is Fast Funnels

Nowadays, many new funnel companies are coming out in hopes of over through Clickfunnels as the new king of funnels.  The newest one on the block is Fast Funnels.  So there are many now asking, what Is Fast Funnels?

Fast Funnels is a sales funnel and website builder created by Jason West.  Fast Funnels is unique in that it provides users with the fastest speeds on the market. This solution has a full eCommerce package and easy to use drag and drop editor.

But does it have everything your business needs to market online?  Let’s dive a little deeper to find out.

What is Fast Funnels?

Fastfunnels is a great option for businesses that need a landing page, eCommerce, website, or membership solution.

It’s biggest feature from my testing is the speed!  It may not be noticeable with a regular funnel, but we have a client that runs a few javascript form.  They typically take some time to load on the other providers, but they fly on Fast Funnels.

I was honestly surprised how quickly the form loaded compared to the other platforms that we tested.  Clickfunnels, Dropfunnels, Instapages, and High Level weren’t even close to the speed.

Outside of speed, it’s very similar to most other funnel solution providers.

Fast Funnels has a similar drag and drop editor that you will find in most funnel SAAS solutions. It’s easy to pick up and customize funnel exactly the way you want them.

Here is a quick list of some of the other features they offer:

  • Huge selection of funnel templates
  • Integration with major payment providers, autoresponders, and other popular applications
  • Detailed Analytics
  • An Extensive members and eCommerce setup
  • Automatic SSL Certs

One other nice feature that they have that options like Clickfunnels doesn’t is a built-in appointment booking suite.

Fast Funnels Pricing

Fast funnels offer a No Credit Card FREE trial, unheard of with most funnel building software.  You see free trials everywhere, but you rarely see ones that don’t make you enter a credit card.

Once you’re trial ends, you have three plan options, Standard, Pro, and Advanced.  All three seem to include the same features, the big difference being the limits for each plan.

Here is the breakdown:


  • Price – $39 Per Month ($29 when paying Annually)
  • Website – 1
  • Funnels – 5
  • Custom Domains – 6
  • Storage – Up to 10 GB
  • Bandwidth – Up to 50 GB
  • Admins – 2
  • eCommerce Products – 100
  • Members – 200


  • Price – $79 Per Month ($59 when paying Annually)
  • Website – 3
  • Funnels – 30
  • Custom Domains – 33
  • Storage – Up to 100 GB
  • Bandwidth – Up to 120 GB
  • Admins – 5
  • eCommerce Products – Unlimited
  • Members – Unlimited


  • Price – $249 Per Month ($179 when paying Annually)
  • Website – 10
  • Funnels – Unlimited
  • Custom Domains – Unlimited
  • Storage – Unlimited
  • Bandwidth – Up to 400 GB
  • Admins – Unlimited
  • eCommerce Products – Unlimited
  • Members – Unlimited

Overall, the pricing of their plans is pretty good compared to the other companies.  They give a good range of options for every level.

How Does Fast Funnels Compare To ClickFunnels?

Overall there are three features that I believe outshine Clickfunnels:

  1. Speed – This one isn’t even close! I love Clickfunnels, but it is one of the slower funnel solutions.  Which is fine in most cases, but Fastfunnels blew it out of the water.  If you are running any Javascript on your funnel, it’s worth testing out Fast Funnels to see if you see a huge difference like I did.
  2. Bookings – As I mentioned before, Clickfunels doesn’t have this option. If you make any bookings or appointments, it’s just easier to have it as part of the funnel suite you are currently using.  Not a big deal for me, but it’s something that some will find important.
  3. Pricing – Fast Funnels provides a low tier plan for beginners or smaller companies.

Fast Funnels is still way too early to think it will take out the Funnel King, but it’s an excellent start.  If Clickfunnels ever finds out how to speed up their funnels, Fast Funnels will have no chance.  But I don’t see that happening soon.  So there will be some users that need the speed of Fast Funnels.

Fast Funnels FAQ

There are a few more items that we haven’t addressed. We hope you find this FAQ helps answer any remaining questions you may have.

Is it really a free trial?

Yes! Not only do they provide a free trial, but it’s a no credit card free trial.  I’m not sure how long this will last, but for now, it’s the definition of a risk-free option.

What if I want to cancel?

No problem, you can reach out to them and cancel at any time—no contracts to worry about.

Do you charge me any hidden fees?

NOPE! Never.

Can I use my own domain?

Yes, you have the option of their free subdomain, or you can use a custom domain that is your company.  Both are very easy to setup.

Do I need a separate hosting account?

No. everything will be hosted on the Fast Funnel servers through Amazon Cloud hosting.  So no need to worry about hosting.

Do Fast Funnels Have An Affiliate Program??

Yes, Like every other SAAS company out there, Fast Funnels has an affiliate program associated with their software.

Approved affiliates earn a 25% recurring commission on any plans they refer to Fast Funnels. They offer lifetime cookies and payout monthly.

Summary – Is Fast Funnels Worth It?

Yes, it’s reliable, easy to use from my testing, and provides a good number of features that it will serve the smaller business really well.  In fact, we have permanently moved one of our clients over to Fast funnels because they needed much faster load times for their forms.

So if you fall into that category, it’s absolutely work testing out Fast Funnels through their No Credit Card Required Free Trial.

We won’t be moving the rest of our clients to Fast Funnels. They will stay on ClickFunnels for now.  But we will keep an eye on them to see if they continue to mature and build out the suite of features they will need to compete with ClickFunnels


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