How is a Landing Page Different From a Website

How is a Landing Page Different From a Website

The difference between websites and landing pages should be unnoticeable for the average online surfer.  But they have some significant differences.  So we often hear, how is a landing page different from a website?

The difference between landing pages and websites is subtle but is drastic from a marketing perspective.  A website main goal is content and providing a portal to information and other websites.  The landing page has a single goal to get someone to opt in to an email list or make a sale.

What is a Website?

If you have been online, you have seen a website.  Over 95% of the site you go to are websites and are focused on content, communication, or storefront.  Their goal is to provide you with information or encourage people to explore.

You’ll see many different types of websites, but they all of the same goal.


The primary goal is to provide content and attract traffic.  Typically, a website aims to keep you interested and jump from one page to the next, reviewing different topics within the same niche.

Blogs are great for attracting organic traffic but are not effective in getting that person to buy the product.  A good example of a Blog is or


They are also considered websites since they focus on providing information about a specific niche.  Forums are a lot more community-focused, but the goal is to attract visitors and keep them jumping from page to page. is an example of the top forum website.

eCommerce Websites

Ecommerce is the closest thing to a landing page since they are focused on sales, but they are not nearly as effective as landing pages since they provide so many options.

Russell Brunson has run many tests between eCommerce websites and sales funnels that are lead by landing pages.  Landing pages had a higher conversion rate, and the sales funnel had a much higher revenue per transaction than an eCommerce website selling a similar product. has a lot of good examples when it comes to eCommerce sites.

What is a Landing Page

Landing pages (also known as opt-in pages) are key to an online sales funnel and marketing.  It is created to focus on a single goal or product, with a call to action.

You won’t see any links or exit paths to another website, social platform, or another exit path. is a good example of a landing page.

Why is this Single Path So important?

This is to minimize the possible distractions.

Websites can cause choice overload is a cognitive impairment in which people have difficulty making a decision when faced with many options.  If that happens, there is a good chance that they will leave without choosing anything.

So Landing pages want to keep your focus on the product that they are offering in hopes that you will decide to opt-in or purchase that item.

What are the Key Elements of a Landing Page?

Landing pages share several elements that websites also have, but the list below will be in 99% of the Opt-in Pages we have visited.

  • Catchy Headline – To grab your attention and make you interested.
  • Attractive Image – Of the product or related to it
  • Call to Action – This is the page asking you to enter your email or click the buy button.
  • Description of the product – This can come in many forms, but it should focus on the potential customer’s benefits.
  • No Exit Links – The audience has two choices, opt-in/buy or close the window

Note: The only exception to the “No Exit Links” are items like “Privacy Policy,” “Terms and Conditions,” or any other items required by compliance regulations.

Is it worth Learning How To Create Landing Pages?

Yes!  If you are looking to promote or market any products, services, or brand online, then landing pages are an important part of that marketing.

Studies have proven that conversion rates are much higher with landing pages.  This means you need fewer eyes to see that landing page to make more sales.  This saves you money on ads and effort on organic traffic.

What do you use to make a Landing Page?

There are a few options out there, but we use and highly recommend Clickfunnels.  They provide everything you need from the beginner level through the multi-million dollar company!

We use Clickfunnels for just about every landing page that we currently support.  There are other options out there, which we have tried, but through our experience Clickfunnels is best!

How To Create A Landing Page

Here is a quick video that we put together walking you through how to create a landing page.

Download the sample Fitness Landing Page template:

Summary of the Difference Between Websites and Landing Pages

I hope we made it a little more clear one what the differences are between the two.  Both are extremely important to build your brand.  One is focused on content, and the other is focused on sales.

If you do the work to combine both a solid website and an efficient landing page, you will start a powerful online sales funnel.  They work very well together with the website pulling in traffic with its content, leading the visitor to the landing page to sell your product or brand.

Are you ready to build a landing page for your brand?

We would love to help you either with our step by step training or our full-service funnel building team!


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