How Much Does A Landing Page Cost?

How Much Does A Landing Page Cost

Landing pages have become a critical component of every business for them to be successful nowadays.  So if you want to grow your business, you need one, but how much does a landing page cost?

The cost of a landing page can vary depending on whether you build it yourself or hire an agency to build it.  The price can range from $100 to $2000 for a fully built sales funnel.  A single landing page for email marketing would be on the lower end.  A complex sales funnel with multiple upsells and downsells could cost your business close to $2000.

This article will dive deeper into the costs you will run into and potential alternatives.

What Is A Landing Page?

Before we dive into the landing page expenses, we must first define what we refer to as a landing page and sales funnel.

A landing page is a single page. They persuades someone to enter their email address in exchange for information or some freebee.  It is NOT a website.

A sales funnel similar to a landing page includes multiple pages funneling the visitor to purchase a product and potentially upsells.  This sale funnel starts with a landing page and is also not considered a website.

If you want to learn more about the differences between a landing page and a website, check our article.

Landing Page Options

We established that a landing page is an important part of a successful business.   How do you create a landing page, and what is the cost?

There are several approaches to building a landing page, each having its pluses and negatives.  We will go through those options and then provide our recommendations at the end.

Do It Yourself

Building your own landing page is a popular choice for those businesses that are bootstrapping your initial growth.  Instead of paying someone to build it for you, as a business owner, you trade the financial cost for the time it will take you to learn the process, build it out and test.

If you have the time and it doesn’t need to be focused on other tasks to make your business successful, it’s a good approach.


If you decide to create a landing page independently without an agency’s help, you will still need a place to how your landing page.  There are a lot of options out there, but here are the best hosting options.

Funnel Builder

The best option is a funnel builder SAAS provider.

These include:

  • Clickfunnels
  • Fastfunnels
  • Dropfunnels
  • Instapage
  • Leadpages
  • And many more that are almost popping up daily.

Many people would agree that Clickfunnels is the most popular and overall best platform.  We created a full article on what clickfunnels is and why it may fit your business.

These funnel builders provide an easy drag and drop editor, hosting, templates, and other features to make funnel building easier for beginners.

Funnel builders will be a monthly fee ranging from $50 to several $1000s per month, depending on the features you are looking for, number of visitors, and extras.  You can typically get a 14-day trial for small businesses, and the typical monthly cost will be between $50 and $100 per month.


A less common option is using a WordPress plugin like Elementor within your current website.  This will be less expensive since you’ll only need to pay a yearly fee of $50 for the plugin if you use your current website hosting.

This solution is cheaper, but it isn’t always beginner-friendly if you’re not super technical.  So you may spend a decent amount of time trying to get past this steep learning curve.

Other Considerations

If you chose to build your own landing page, the provider is not the only hurdle.  You will also need to consider the following.

  • Landing Page Content – This is often considered the most important part of a landing page. So you will also need to learn how to the best content writing techniques.
  • Images or videos – Finding the right image will help boost your conversion rate.
  • Overall Landing Page Design – Knowing what works on a landing page will have a significant impact. Some companies will spend millions of split testing designs to try and find the right one.  You don’t have to spend millions at first, but you will need to test.

Pros – Doing it Yourself

  • Financial Cost – The cost is much cheaper than getting an agency to build it.
  • Learn the process – If you enjoy learning new technical things, this will be fun for you.

Cons – Doing it Yourself

  • Not Knowing What Works – You don’t have the years of experience working in your industry for successful sales funnels. Sure, you can do training or read an article, but nothing compares to years of experience.
  • Huge Time Cost – Yes, you will save a fee $$$, but the time commitment is significant.
  • Technical – You will need to have some technical knowledge. The drag and drop editors make it easier, but there are many technical steps outside of the editor.

Hire An Agency

Yes, hiring an agency does cost money.  This scares so many people away.

But let’s think of it from a business stand point.  As a business owner, jumping into the new world of digital marketing.  Should your focus be on learning a new funnel building skill, or should you continue to focus on building your business?

It should be a no-brainer, focus on building your business and let the experts build your landing page and sales funnel.

The overall cost can range from $200 to $2000 for a funnel, but the right full-service agency’s benefits are way more than just a funnel.

Here are some of the benefits of going through an agency like Warrior Lion Media:

  • Years of Experience – We have been building funnels for over 5 years now for our businesses and our clients. We have learned from our mistakes, and it shows in our clients’ results.
  • Millions In Testing – Over the years, we have spent over a million dollars in ads to test our designs. Which is a huge help for our clients.
  • Expert Designers and Content Writers – Our teams only focus on designs and content that works!
  • Full Strategy Sessions and Support – We aren’t like a lot of agencies. We will meet with you to help design the perfect strategy for your business.
  • Email Marketing Series – The fortune is in the follow-up. Email is still one of the best income streams
  • Offer Help – If you don’t already have a product to sell, we can help you design that offer.
  • Professional Funnel – Best of all, we provide you with a professional landing page or funnel!

Our Recommendation

It’s simple; there are so many parts of a business.  You will spread yourself very thin if you try to learn them all.  So we recommend focusing on your business and hire an expert to build your landing page, sales funnel, and/or email marketing strategy!

Think about it. You hire an accountant for your books and taxes.  You hire a legal firm to incorporate your company.  Why wouldn’t you hire an agency, too but a professional landing page and sales funnel for you?  It just makes sense to do it right from the start!

If you are looking for a full-service funnel building agency, we recommend checking out Warrior Lion Media.  We can do a free strategy session with you and recommend the best solution for your business!


Warrior Lion Media is a premium funnel building and email marketing service for health and fitness professionals. We are helping health and fitness professionals build, grow and monetize their brands through online sales funnels.

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