Instapage Alternatives – 5 Options That Could Work For You

Instapage Alternatives

If you are currently using Instapage, you know that they offer one of the best page editors on the market.  You will also know that their pricing model is unrealistic once your business outgrows its entry-level plan.  So you may be looking for Instapage Alternatives.

Instapage alternatives include Clickfunnels, Dropfunnels, Fast Funnels, HighLevel, and a WordPress Plug called Thrive.  All of these options offer a good editor, competitive prices, and other useful features.

This article will take a closer look at each option and why they should be considered.

Top Instapage Alternative

Clickfunnels is the big named option that has been around for several years.  It is stable, proven, and has a good following.  So you have probably seen their ads and heard about them.


Clickfunnels is considered the category king of funnel builders.  They offer a quality funnel builder, great community, quality training, and a good number of features.  The page editor is not a nice as Instapage, but the combination of features makes it the best alternative.

Take a look at our detailed Clickfunnels review to see if it’s right for you.


  • Standard – $97 Per Month ($80 when paying Annually)
  • Platinum – $297 Per Month ($247 when paying Annually)
  • Occasional Specials


  • Considered the best
  • Huge community and training library
  • Good features
  • Better pricing model


  • Slow Load Times
  • Page Editor is a little clunkier.

Specialty Alternatives

Most of these feature-specific Instapgae alternatives are relatively new.  They all of good drag and drop editors, but not as good a Instapage.  They excel in specific areas that work better for some companies than others.

1. Dropfunnels – SEO Friendly

Dropfunnels is growing in popularity since it is built on a WordPress platform.  This allows you to see better results when it comes to SEO organic traffic.  Many of the other platforms really struggle when it comes to ranking on Google or Bing.  They are just not built on platforms that are good for this.

WordPress really helps Dropfunnels with SEO rankings, but the downside of using WordPress is that the editor is not as easy to uses as some of the other options.  I’m sure this will improve over time, but the editor is a bit limited for now.

Price and feature-wise, Dropfunnels is comparable to the other alternative.  I do have to mention, their features page says they have “Industry Leading Page Speed,” but that wasn’t our experience when we tested it against FastFunnels.


  • Starter – $49 Per Month
  • Pro – $149 Per Month
  • Agency – $297 Per Month


  • Great for SEO
  • Good Price
  • Unlimited funnels, courses, and pages at all levels


  • Editor lacks ease of use.

2. Fast Funnels – Yep, It’s Fast

Considering the new kid on the block, Fastfunnels is getting a lot of attention since it provides a much faster load time than any other platform we have testing.  It makes ClickFunnels and Instapage look really slow.

The pricing of their plans is also very competitive to the other funnels SAAS companies.  We expect these prices to increase as they grow and get out of the new company phase.


  • Standard – $39 Per Month ($29 when paying Annually)
  • Pro – $79 Per Month ($59 when paying Annually)
  • Advanced – $249 Per Month ($179 when paying Annually)


  • Lightning fast
  • Integrated booking system
  • Great pricing model


  • New and unproven

Check out our full Fast Funnels review.

3. HighLevel – Agency Focused

Go HighLevel is an agency focused funnel builder.  This doesn’t mean a non-agency company can’t use it, but it was built which an Agency in mind. 

It includes a lot of built-in features that most alternatives depend on third party integration.  HighLevel even offers a  White Label option from funneling building, mobile apps, paid ads, etc.  Full disclosure, we have not tried any of their services, but I can see how some businesses might like this option if the quality is good.

One of the downfalls of this platform is that there is a learning curve at first.  If you are a beginner, it won’t be the easiest system to pick up.  So keep that in mind.


  • Starter – $97 Per Month
  • Unlimited – $297 Per Month
  • White Label Upgrade – $497 Per Month (This is in addition to the Starter or Unlimited Plan)


  • Perfect for agencies
  • A lot of agency based features
  • Good pricing for an agency focused platform.


  • Not as user friendly for non-agencies

4. Thrive – Cheap Option

WordPress is our favorite website option. Considering the alternatives, it is easy, customizable, and can have a website up in minutes.

However, this is our least favorite Instapage alternative.  If you are used to using Instapage, and you move over to a WordPress solution like Thrive, it may be a challenging conversion.  You will need some technical knowledge or higher help to get it set up.  Once it’s set up, it’s easier, but not as simple as the other options.

If your technical, this could be your ideal alternative because it offers many customizable options if you know how to do it.

Another great feature is that it’s considerably cheaper than the other options at only $50 per year for the Thrive license.  You will also need to pay for hosting if you don’t already have it.


  • License – $50 Per Year


  • Cheap
  • Highly customizable with WordPress technical knowledge


  • Need technical knowledge
  • Doesn’t include the features of other providers


Instapage Alternatives Recommendation

As you can see, there are a lot of great funnel building options available outside of Instapage.  It really depends on what you are looking for.

If you are not looking for any of the specialized features that I mentioned above, Clickfunnels is the easy winner, in our opinion.  We host all of our funnels and our clients’ funnels through Clickfunnels except one.  So we highly recommend that alternative.

We also like the editor and speed of Fastfunnels.  This is an excellent option if you need your funnels to be lightning fast!


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