Instapage Review 2020 – Is It Worth The Price?

Instapage Review

Instapage has been one of the top marketing solutions on the market over the past few years.  What is Instapage used for, and is it worth it?

Instapage is a sales funnel and website builder created by Tyson Quick in 2012.  In addition to the funnel builder focus of Instapage, this platform also offers the first-ever Advertising Personalization System that increases the personalization opportunity so marketers can create more value for their potential customers.

But does it have everything your business needs to market online?  Let’s dive a little deeper to find out.

What is Instapage?

Instapage is a SAAS (Software as a Solution) funnel builder platform that focuses on personalized features that adapt to a customer’s wants and needs.

This solution allows you to skip the blanket funnel design that most solutions provide; instead, every customer sees pages customized just for them.  This approach should provide your business with a higher conversion rate, but this personalization comes at a hefty price.

Below are some of the features that Instapage provides:

  • Editor – We have used many funnel building editors over the years, and we believe that Instapage overs the easiest to use and most customizable editor on the funnel building market. It’s a pure drag and drop solution.
  • Multi-Step Forms – They also provide the smoothest multi-step form
  • Personalization Features – Maximize conversions with personalized post-click experiences for every ad and target segment. Dynamically serve the right experience to the right audience.
  • Postclick Score – This feature allows you to evaluate your level of ad to page relevancy, opportunities and track your progress
  • AdMap – Instapage allows you to integrate your add platforms for better analytics
  • Instablocks – Quickly build page experiences with blocks you can customize, save, and reuse. Update content across experiences with the click of a button.
  • Heatmaps – This feature allows you to see exactly where visitors are clicking, scrolling, and hovering over.
  • Team Collaboration – Several features within Instapage allow your team to collaborate more effectively.
  • Detailed Analytics – With the features mentioned above, plus their attribution analytics. Instapage provides very detailed analytics that most solutions can’t provide.

As you can see, this is a long list of outstanding features for online marketing.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager – This option is only available for the Enterprise plans, but it allows you to get personalized support from a dedicated person.

Instapage Pricing

Unfortunately, Instapages pricing is their downfall, in my opinion.  Their Business plan is comparable with other solutions.  But once you max out on their Business plan limits, there is no middle plan.  They make you jump up to the Enterprise solution that starts at $2500 per month the last time I checked.

We aren’t sure that they don’t offer that mid-level solution and can’t see many people making that jump.

Here is the breakdown:

Business Plan

  • Price – $200 Per Month ($149 when paying Annually)
  • Pages – 30
  • Visitors – 30,000
  • Workspaces – 5
  • Admins – 5
  • Includes: Instablocks, Thor Render Engine, AdMap, Multi-Step Forms, Heatmaps, SSL Encryption, Integration with major 3rd party apps, GDPR Compliance, and a few other features

Enterprise Plan

  • Price – “Custom,” but when we last spoke to a representative, they said the pricing starts a $2,500 per month, and you must pay annually.
  • Onboarding Fee – $2,500 (in addition to monthly fee)
  • Pages – 100
  • Visitors – 100,000
  • Workspaces – 10
  • Admins – 10
  • Includes: Everything from Business Plan, Ad-to-Page Personalization, Team Collaboration Features, AMP Pages, Audit Logs, Guaranteed Uptime, Ad Spend Analytics, Dedicated Launch Specialist (extra setup fee), Success Manager and more.

Please note that if you push the sales representative, they will create a custom plan if you only want more visitors or pages, but not the other features.  Pricing is still ridiculous, and they will want you to pay 6 or 12 months at a time.

Instapage Alternatives

Overall we think that Instapage is a great editor and provides many features others don’t have available yet.  But their pricing model is ridiculous once you max out the Business plan limits.  So here are some alternatives that both fit your budget and are comparable to Instapage.



Clickfunnels offers the most comparable and stable solution to Instapage.  The editor is a little clunkier, and it lacks a few of the funnel based features.

But Clickfunnels is the most proven funnel builder available.  It has a much better pricing model, community, trainings, and overall package.

If you are looking for an alternative to Instapage, try the Clickfunnels 14-day trials, you won’t be disappointed!

Drop Funnels

This is a WordPress based solution, without the technical challenges to set it up.  Again, the editor isn’t as easy to use as Instapage.  But Drop Funnels is very customizable, friendly, and the WordPress background helps with organic traffic (SEO).

So this can also be a good solution if you are looking for better results with SEO traffic.


Based on our testing, FastFunnels editor is the most comparable to Instapage.  They have the best pricing model of all the alternative SAAS solutions that we recommend, and page loading time is FAST!

The challenge with Fastfunnels is that they are new and unproven.

With their 14-day no credit card required trial, it’s worth giving them a shot!

Thrive (WordPress)

Thrive is a different type of alternative. It’s not a SAAS solution like the others.  It’s a WordPress solution where you provide the hosting and setup.  The setup and customization can be more technical than the other solutions, so there is a much bigger learning curve.

But if you need a highly customizable and cheap ($50 per year), this is the Instapage alternative for you.

Our Experience With Instapage

Unlike most reviewers that do the 14-day trial and try to provide a detailed review of a product, we have used Instapages for over 3 years.  So we have had plenty of time to test them out and come to a conclusion.

Instapage was a perfect solution from one of our clients.  The editor, multi-step form, ad analytics, and personalization helped make their funnel very successful.  So successful that they grew past 30k visitors per month.

Unfortunately, this is where their pricing model fails.  We contacted the sales team to increase their monthly visitor limit.  Their initial response was to go from $200 per month to $2500 per month to increase the limit, which is unacceptable to most.

After some pushing, they did come back with a better offer.  But the time it took for them to do that, we were able to test out several other options and eventually move this client to a new platform working out well for them at a fraction of the price.

Instapage FAQ

Here are a few questions that we get when asked about Instapage.

Is it really a free trial?

Yes! Instapage offers a 14-day free trial.

What if I want to cancel?

If you have a business plan, you can reach out to them and cancel at any time. However, the Enterprise plans are 12-month contracts that you need to sign before starting.

Do you charge me any hidden fees?

No, they are upfront about their fees.

Can I use my own domain?

Yes, you have the option of their free subdomain, or you can use a custom domain that is your company.  Both are very easy to setup.  They also offer free SSL certs for the custom domains.

Do I need a separate hosting account?

No. everything will be hosted on the Instapage servers.

Does Instapage Have An Affiliate Program??

Yes, Like every other SAAS company out there, Instapage has an affiliate program.  Approved affiliates earn 50% recurring commission for the first year and then 30% lifetime commission after that.

Summary – Is Instapage Worth The Price?

Instapage provides a lot of really cool features and a very easy to use editor.  However, the pricing model makes them out of reach for most businesses since there are comparable and priced alternatives.

If you’re a small company that plans to stay small with less than 30k visitors per month, it’s a viable option to test out.  But as soon as you break that threshold, be prepared to pay or be cut off.

If the personalization of Instapage sounds good to you, please give them a try. They do offer a 14-day trial.

But we believe Clickfunnels is a much better option both short term and for your company’s long-term growth.  They also offer a 14-day trial so that you can compare the two!

If you would rather focus on your business and leave that funnel building to the experts, we are here for you!  Schedule a strategy session with us, and we can’t help you monetize and build your business!

Please note that the information above is accurate as of the time of writing this article and the review is based on our personal experiences.


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