Integrating Clickfunnels and Mailchimp


Mailchimp is a good low-cost autoresponder option of email marketing for beginners.  So a lot of our new clients often ask, does ClickFunnels work with MailChimp?

Clickfunnels integrates with many different email autoresponders, including Mailchimp.  The Clickfunnels integration with Mailchimp allows users to populate their Mailchimp list through Clickfunnel online sales funnels.

The setup process is rather easy.  The steps below walk you through integrating the two accounts, plus how to set up your funnels to feed your email list in Mailchimp.

Integrating Mailchimp with ClickFunnels

This set of instructions will show you how to set up the MailChimp integration in Clickfunnels.  Then update your funnel to include this Mailchimp integration.

*These instructions assume that you already have a list set up in MailChimp.

1 – Log in to both your Clickfunnels and Mailchimp accounts

2 – In Clickfunnels, highlight the drop-down menu in the top left, and click on Account Settings

3 – On the left side of the Account Setting Section, Click on “Integrations.”

4 – Click on the Yellow “+ Add New Integration” button at the page’s top right.

5 – On the Integrations Screen, Scroll Down a little and select “MailChimp.”

6 – This will bring you to the screen to set up the integration with MailChimp. So now, you need to go over to your Mailchimp account and get your API information.

7 – In Mailchimp, go to your profile page by clicking on the icon in the bottom left of your page. And then click on the “Profile” option.

8 – Once you’re on your profile screen, click on the “Extras” dropdown menu and select “API Keys.”

9 – On the API Key page, you will go to the second section, “Your API Keys,” to copy your key. If you don’t see one there, click on the “Create A Key” button, and one will be generated for you.  Copy the long key (mine is crossed out for security reasons).

10 – Now that you have the API Key Copied, go back to Clickfunnels and paste it in the API Key blank. Name it whatever you want, I just named it Mailchimp.  Once the information has been enter, click the “Add Integration” button.

11 – Congrats, the set up between Mailchimp and Clickfunnels is complete.

Adding the Mailchimp Setup to Your Funnel

Now we need to set up your funnel to feed email addresses to your Mailchimp account.

1 – Click on the “Click Funnels” menu on the top right of the Clickfunnels page. And select “Funnels” from the menu.

2 – This will bring you to the list of the funnels that you have on your account. Select the one that you want to update.

3 – This will take you to the funnel details. Make sure the “Lead Magnet” page is the highlighted page.  Then select the “Edit Page” button in the middle.

4 – At the top left of the page, highlight the “Settings” drop-down menu and select “Integrations.”

5 – This will bring up the setting menu on the right. Update the options below:

    1. Integration – Mailchimp (or whatever you named the Mailchimp Integration)
    2. Action – Add To List
    3. List To Add – This will be the name of your list in Mailchimp
    4. Confirmation Email – Don’t Send Confirmation (This is up to you, but I don’t normally send a confirmation email)

6 – Click out of the setting screen and click on Save at the top right. Once saved, click the arrow on the top left to take you back to the funnel settings.

7 – You are done with the email setup, and you can technically test and use this funnel now. The URL for the page is in the middle (circled in the pic below)

    1. Recommendations – Either get a custom URL for the funnel or add the “Clickfunnels” Plug into your website to link it through there. If you have any questions on either, let me know.

We hope that you found this guide helpful.  If you find this process complicated, feel free to reach out, and we will be happy to help!


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