Russell Brunson Books – Best For Online Marketers?

Russell Brunson Books

Russell Brunson is the mastermind behind clickfunnels and modern online marketing with sales funnels.  With Russell Brunson books, you’ll learn things like funnel strategies, marketing tactics, and how to build an irresistible offer.

However, which of his books are worth reading to increase your online sales?

Russel Brunson has written many books, frameworks, and manuals throughout his career.  Russell always describes Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Traffic Secrets as his “life’s work” trilogy.  These three books are worth reading and are very knowledgeable when it comes to marketing.

In addition to the “Secrets” trilogy, Russell has developed many training programs and other marketing-related books.

Here’s a quick summary of 5 of Russel’s most popular books and why you should own them.

Dotcom Secrets

This is one of the Russell Brunson books that got me fired up about digital marketing. What if you could drive vast amounts of hot, warm, and cold traffic directly to your online doorstep without a ton of effort or money?

It’s possible, and Russell shows you how. You’ll learn how to directly speak to your audience in the way they like to hear… AND how to convince them to buy from you.

You’ll also learn how to build the right sales funnel, and the value ladder converts leads into high-ticket buyers. It’s ideal both for those who are starting from scratch or need to rework their online sales strategy.

Expert Secrets

A follow-up to Dotcom Secrets, this book details how to craft your message to build a massive following, create a movement, and profit in the process.

It also includes Russell Brunson’s foolproof formula to develop and deliver the “perfect” presentation. He gives examples from not only his business but case studies of other businesses he’s helped along the way. Trust me; it is well worth the read.

Traffic Secrets

This is the final book in Russell’s trilogy of Secrets books.  It focuses on a method called the Dream 100.  It describes the exact process that Russell uses for any of his book and product launches.

The basic theory is to identify the top 100 people related to your market and how to get connected with them. Most importantly, get them to help you promote your product with their fanbase!

This is a must-read for online marketers.

Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook

Now that you have identified your calling and all the ingredients necessary to build your massive following, you need to develop a highly-converting funnel that will convince people to buy from you.

If you are like me, you don’t want to re-invent the wheel, and you don’t have to. Brunson has created this list of elements you will need to build your ultimate funnel.

It will NOT go into strategy; that’s mainly covered in Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets. However, if you need to know precisely what it takes to build a funnel that converts exceptionally well, you’ll need this book.

108 Proven Split Test Winners

You can try to figure out all the tips and tricks it takes to create a highly-converting landing page, or you can take a considerable shortcut!

Russell Brunson has done all the work for you. As the title implies, Russell has taken 108 split tests of his greatest landing pages, and provided detailed stats of each.

If you want to build a beautiful landing page that converts without all the guesswork, to learn how to realize huge gains by tweaking a few words in your sales copy, or better get a feel for what motivates people to click on the buttons on your page, you need to get this e-book.

Marketing Secrets Podcast Blackbook

If you know Russell Brunson books, they are all about learning and giving you the cliff notes to digital marketing.

This book is great because you get the crash course in internet marketing everyone needs, with anecdotes and advice from over 500 episodes of Brunson’s “Marketing Secrets” podcast. In it, you will learn the 99 secrets he has gathered, building up his business to over $100 million in 3 years.

It’s not meant to be read all at once, but more of a reference guide to digest in small bites.

Conclusion on Russell Brunson Books

Russell Brunson provides a tremendous amount of value in his books.  Best part of all, most of his books are free if you pay the shipping!

So if you are looking to monetize your following and are not sure of how to do the marketing, the first place that you want to look at is the books that Russell Brunson has available!  Here is the perfect place to start!

Here is a fun video from Russell Brunson about his updated books set!

Click here to grab the books!


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