What is Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing

Many people say that email marketing is a dead form of online marketing, which is completely wrong!  It has just changed from the days where you were allowed to spam everyone and make money.

If you are smart and provide true value with your emails, it can still be the best marketing technic available.

Let’s start by defining what email marketing is:

Email marketing is the act of sending value-based and sales emails to an audience that is interested in the topic or niche.  The types of emails range from an autoresponder series, individual broadcast emails, and several other formats of emails—all to build trust and eventually sell to the recipient.

This article will cover email marketing at a high level on what it is, why it’s still the best marketing technique and how to do it effectively.

Spam Marketing Gave Emails a Bad Name

Earlier in the article, we provided a short description of what email marketing is, but we should go into more detail.

Email marketing has received a bad reputation in the past because of spammers and unethical practices.  Sadly most people have a Spam folder with way more emails in it than their inbox.

Some many people and businesses followed this approach because it was successful in the early years of online marketing.  Some people could send out an email to a hundred people and make thousands of dollars.  So they got greedy and started spamming the same email and sadly saw the results each time.

As the online marketing crazy developed, so many people jumped on this bandwagon and destroyed email marketing’s reputation in general.

Thankfully the spamming bubble popped!

Technology and people in general became wiser to these business practices, so I call spam marketing no longer a viable option.  Those that used to do this practice are now saying that email marketing is dead.

They are wrong, Spamming Marketing is dead, which is great!

True Value-Driven Email Marketing is alive and well!  Without a doubt, this practice is a business and brand best friend if you do it right.

What is Value Driven Email Marketing?

Value-based email marketing is when you offer a ton of value and build a solid relationship with your audience, so they ask to buy from you!

Email Marketing

Email marketing occurs when a company sends out a business message to a group of people using e-mail. These emails help developing customer commitment, promote a product or servers, and build the brand.

With email marketing, you can easily and quickly reach target markets without requiring a large print area, television or radio time, or high production costs.

Thanks to effective email marketing software application, you can preserve an email list segmented based on several factors: the length of time addresses on the list, customers’ likes and dislikes, spending routines, and other crucial criteria.

E-mails are then produced and sent to particularly target members of your email list, supplying them with a customized email detailing the details they are interested in or have actually requested. This helps promote trust and commitment to a company while likewise increasing sales.

Value-Based Email Marketing

Value-based email marketing takes the business approach of typical email marketing and makes it much more effective in the current state of online marketing.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s book “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” describes the value-based method perfectly.  In email terms, you provide several value-based emails and then a sales email.

This method allows you to build a relationship to the point where they want to buy from you.

Why is Email Marketing Still So Effective:

Many companies avoid email marketing because they believe it’s an outdated approach, but 59 percent of B2B online marketers said e-mail is the most efficient channel for earnings generation. And in 2014, email marketing was noted as the most powerful tool for customer retention.

You should still use email marketing for these six factors.

1. You Own The List!

The great thing about email marketing is the fact that you own your email list.  You can take it to any email automation tool and import the list.  You can also import the list into Facebook and other advertisers to generate custom audiences.

Facebook Ads, YouTube, SEO, and other marketing techniques are great, but you are dependent on the provider. Suppose any of those companies decided to change their approach or shut down their system.  You lose that marketing avenue.

Google SEO is a perfect example.  It’s a great method for organic traffic, but there can be a dramatic impact on your business when updating its algorithm.  Many people went from making a huge amount of revenue to pennies from just one small change in the algorithm.

With an email list, you are not dependent on one company.  If a company decides to change something or shut down, you can go to a new provider and import your list.

2. Marketing Emails Can be Hyper-Personalized and Targeted.

With other marketing channels– for example, social media– targeting can be so granular. Many channels have audience-size thresholds that online marketers need to satisfy before their advertisements are even served. On the contrary, marketing e-mails can be highly targeted and customized down to an individual user level.

With an email marketing software application, you can segment your list and then send out emails attending to recipients’ particular needs. Potential customers and clients will appreciate this individual touch and be more inspired to engage with your brand.

3. Email Marketing Keeps Your Brand Top of Mind.

According to a research study by Blue Hornet, 34 percent of Americans check their e-mail “throughout the day,” which indicates businesses that aren’t using email marketing are losing out on this opportunity to connect with potential customers.

Your material must be where your target buyers spend their time. If you have their email addresses, you understand they have an inbox they are frequently examining, so exist when they are.

Using your email list to create custom audiences on Facebook, YouTube, and other media also allows you to get in from them on those platforms.

4. Email Marketing is Low-Cost.

You can build your email list through paid or organic traffic.  Once you have that list, the cost to send emails to them is low compared to the potential revenue.

Once you have the list, you can email them multiple times without increasing the cost, unlike paid traffic, where you have to pay for each impression or click.

Some email autoresponders even allow you free access to use their platform if you have a small list.

5. Emails are Action-Oriented.

E-mails naturally trigger reactions– responding, forwarding, clicking through. By consisting of direct calls-to-action (CTAs) with clear advantages in your messages, you can make the most of this impulse to react and own traffic to your site or encourage the wanted conversion occasion.

6. Email Marketing is Measurable and Testable.

A standard feature with all reputable email autoresponders is that they provide detailed metrics.  These metrics include; delivery rate, open rate, and click-through rate, amongst others.

Online marketers can assess performance and make data-driven decisions about how and where to enhance. This is a benefit that not all marketing opportunities have.

Email marketing also lends itself well to A/B screening. Online marketers can evaluate several different aspects, consisting of subject line, email length, and CTAs. And with the information you gather from these tests, you can make positive decisions about which approaches work and do not.

Types of Emails

As a seasoned email marketer will let you know that not all emails are the same.  There are many different types of emails when marketing, and each type has its own purpose.

Autoresponder Series

This is a series of emails that are in a specific sequence to build a relationship.  These emails are automated, and each sequence typically lasts between 4-7 emails.  But I’ve heard that some marketers have developed a sequence of up to 400 emails.

This is normally used when a potential customer is added to your email list, or that customer is moved to a new segment of your list.

It can be used to promote your brand or product over a series of emails (spanning several days) that keeps the potential customer interested and excited to see your next email.

Broadcast Emails

These are one-off emails to promote a specific event, sale, or special occasion.  It’s typically one or two emails sent out to a specific segment manually and isn’t often used again unless it’s tweaked for the new occasion.

Empty Cart Sequence

This sequence is self-descriptive. Suppose someone starts the checkout process on your website but then doesn’t finish the purchase process. Many email providers will allow you to target them with a sequence to entice them to return and finish the purchase process.

And More

There are so many other types of emails that are specific to certain situations.  I’ll dive deeper into those in a future article.

Few Email Marketing Tips

Here are a few email marketing tips from Kimberly Jimenez

Email Marketing Summary

I truly hope that this article showed you that email marketing is still a valuable type of marketing that every brand should use if you want to grow your business!


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