What is Squarespace – Is It The Right Solution For Your Business

What is Squarespace

When you are first looking to create a website or landing page, there are so many options out there that can get overwhelming.  One of the most popular options recently is Squarespace.  But what is Squarespace, and is it the right option for you?

Squarespace is a website and hosting software as a service provider for small businesses looking to build a website.  With pre-built website templates and drag and drop interface, Squarespace is straightforward to use for beginners.

Let us dive in deeper to see if Squarespace is the right solution for you and your business.

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a SAAS (Software as a Solution) service designed to help make building a website easier for small businesses.  When you sign up for Squarespace, it is an all-inclusive package including hosting, website builder, template, and an easy access portal.

Squarespace Hosting

With the monthly package, it will include basic hosting for your website.  You won’t have the Cpanel controls you would have if you got hosting separately from a hosting provider.  But if you are a beginner, you will like the simplicity, unlimited bandwidth, and storage of Squarespace’s hosting.

Most importantly, Squarespace hosting has over a 99.94% uptime on average, according to hostingfacts.com.

Website Builder Tools

Squarespace provides the basic drag and drop interface that is simple to learn and allows you to customize your website pretty easily.  It doesn’t have any groundbreaking features for designing a website, but I think they are focused on an interface tailored to beginners.

Squarespace Templates

One of Squarespace’s best features is the website templates that are included in the package.  With over 100 templates included in their monthly package, every beginner should find a few options that fit their needs.

Each template is just a starting point, so you can customize them to fit all your needs.

Squarespace support

Compared to Wix and WordPress, Squarespace provides superior support.  It’s easy to access by going to https://www.squarespace.com/contact.   They are typically speedy to respond and are very helpful.  Most people would say that Spacespace’s support is the best in the market.

How Much Is Squarespace a Month?

Now that you have heard a lot about the features, the next logical question is, What is Squarespace’s price?

Squarespace offers four plans ranging from $16 to $46 if you pay by the month.  Users can save up to 30% on that monthly cost if they pay annually.  The lowest package is designed for personal use by only including the basics.  Ranging up to the Advanced (Commerce) plan includes everything a small business eCommerce site would need.

Personal Plan

Price – $16 ($12 per month when paid annually)

This plan includes the basics:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage
  • Templates
  • Hosting and Drag and Drop Editor
  • 24/7 Support

Business Plan

Price – $26 ($18 per month when paid annually)

I would consider this the starter package for a business; it has just enough to get you started, but it’s minimal from a business standpoint.

  • Everything in the Personal Plan
  • Premium Integrations and Blocks
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Promotional Pop-ups
  • Integrated eCommerce System
  • And the ability to sell unlimited products.

Basic Commerce Plan

Price – $30 ($26 per month when paid annually)

It is a nice step up since it allows you to create customer accounts, which is important to retarget existing customers.  Besides, this plan gives you a Point of Sale System and additional tools/metrics.

Another nice feature of this plan is the cost savings that you get from zero Squarespace transaction fees.  This could save you a lot over time.

Advanced Commerce Plan

Price – $46 ($40 per month when paid annually)

This plan includes everything mentioned above, plus the abandoned cart feature, Commerce APIs, and other advanced features.

If you plan to use Squarespace for your business, I would recommend skipping the Personal and Business plans.  They have nice features, but the Basic Commerce plan’s benefits will pay for itself, considering it’s only a $4 per month difference when paid monthly.

Is Squarespace good for Landing Pages?

Squarespace can be used to create landing pages, but it’s not idealIt was designed more for blogs and storefronts.  So the landing page capabilities are very basic and don’t allow you to do a full online sales funnel.

If you are looking for an easy to use solution for landing pages and online sales funnels, you will want to check out Clickfunnels.  They offer a 14-day trial, so you can make sure it’s the best option for you.

Squarespace Alternatives

There are several alternatives available, depending on what you are looking for. Suppose you are looking for a comparable website builder and hosting solution for beginners.  Wix would be the most similar, but we would recommend Squarespace over Wix.

Website – WordPress

WordPress is the way to go if you are looking for a fully customizable but little more complex website and blog option.  WordPress has come a long way over the years, with beginner-friendly options all the way to experts.

There are 1000s of templates and plug-ins available to customize the website exactly how you would like it.  The only downfall is that you should have some technical experience since there are many options and chances for errors.

Ecommerce and Sales – ClickFunnels

As we mentioned before, Squarespace does a good job with eCommerce, but there are better alternatives for landing pages, sales funnels, and overall monetizing your brand online.

Clickfunnels allows you to make everything from a simple landing page to collect emails to a full online sales funnel that million-dollar companies use.  So you have the flexibility and know the system will grow as your business grows.

It also includes the easy to use drag and drop editor, great hosting, and other marketing features that Squarespace doesn’t have.  If you are looking to earn money with your brand, give Clickfunnels 14 day trial a go by clicking here.

Summary – Is Squarespace a Good Option

Yes, I believe that Squarespace is a very nice option for beginners.  It’s simple to use and provides a lot of nice features.  This eliminates the complexity of some of the “better” options.  So I would highly recommend Squarespace for anyone new to business and building a website or eCommerce store.  The simplicity of Squarespace allows you to quickly build your website and spend most of your time on the business.

Suppose you are not a beginner, for example, someone already on Wix or Shopify and not looking for a more robust option.  Squarespace is not for you.  In that case, I would look more into ClickFunnels from an online sales perspective and WordPress from a blog site.  ClickFunnels and WordPress provide infinite possibilities and customization.

We really how this helped!


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